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Marketing fit-for-purpose

Women getting fitSo the new year is here and so comes the more frequent, one-time annual evaluation of our performance and goals. If like most of us you have renewed enthusiasm at this time of year for leading a better lifestyle and getting fit, you’ll be planning just how you intend to do that. And some of us will even manage to maintain the commitment and effort that we first set out to achieve, all year long.

If you’re a business owner or are responsible for the marketing for a business, perhaps at this time of year you might also like to consider how fit for purpose your website and marketing is too. Like health, it’s not just about the cosmetics, sure it’s great if your website and marketing look good, but without the right foundation and structures in place, it’s unlikely to ever reach its full performance potential.

If you’re considering a marketing or website fitness check, get in touch and we’ll put your marketing through it’s paces and see how well it’s performing.

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