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Communicating the right message at the right time is more challenging than ever, especially to the right people. In a crowded and noisy marketplace your audience is constantly bombarded with messages and information.

Email, texts, web, press, radio, TV, online, mobile and direct mail, you can’t be anywhere now where there isn’t countless media communications being broadcast to all types of audiences.

Today everyone is a consumer, your customers,  employees, channel and your stakeholders;  time is precious, either they seek you out or you need to interrupt them and get their attention.  Carlton Kennedy help clients cut through the clutter and noise off and online and start a meaningful conversation.

We’ll help you get inside their heads freeing up your head and enable you to concentrate on what you and only you do best.

We can also assist with advice and services for branding, marketing collateral, digital media, direct mail, data and mailing lists and out-of-home including bluetooth and NFC applications.

Our managed marketing solutions are stand-alone or fully integrated and include

Email marketing
Event management
Online marketing
Social media marketing
Website design and development