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Marketing advice and support that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our Marketing Mentor membership is an independent advice-based service aimed at SMEs who need a trusted marketing advisor to help shape and drive their business. The service will help you to avoid potentially costly mistakes and give you the confidence that marketing, when done correctly in addition to sales efforts is the single most effective way to grow your business.

The Marketing Mentor service enables you as a member to call or email a Chartered Institute of Marketing, qualified professional to get independent and neutral marketing advice and whom you can rely on to provide up-to-date knowledge and experience of a particular marketing field.  Over time your Marketing Mentor will gain a deeper understanding of your individual business and its challenges and become an invaluable extension of your business support network.

Our monthly plans provide you with the flexibility to pay-as-you-go or take advantage of the annual plan for even greater value and peace of mind. There is no re-occurring billing and you can cancel at anytime.

Membership Benefits;
· Telephone and email access to a qualified Chartered Institute of Marketing professional for advice and direction on marketing approaches or activities you are considering*^
· Chartered Institute of Marketing tools and documents to help plan and organise your marketing efforts more effectively~
· A proactive quarterly review of your marketing activity (annual plans only)

*^Up to an hour of talk or email response time per month, additional time bank options are available at £30 + VAT p/h
~Provided as available and as required

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