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We’re passionate about marketing, communication, helping businesses and wholly fascinated by the human condition, people in general and the world around us. We as others have done, and continue to, like to share professional and personal experiences, knowledge, views and thoughts for those reading to muse over and hopefully benefit from, if not least to provoke thought and conversations.

Assessing the quality of Care through survey feedback

There are more than 500,000 care and nursing home places across the UK¹, and with the population of people over 65 set to increase dramatically, social care organisations are facing unknown pressures. In fact, by 2032 the number of over 85s in England is expected to increase by 106 percent² – and the number of older people with care needs [...]

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The true value of survey research and how to get it right

Across all industries, there is one thing successful brands and organisations have in common: satisfied and loyal customers. Those brands know that keeping happy customers costs much less than converting new ones – so customer retention forms part of their marketing strategy But how do you know if your customers are truly satisfied and would even go so far as [...]

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Marketing fit-for-purpose

So the new year is here and so comes the more frequent, one-time annual evaluation of our performance and goals. If like most of us you have renewed enthusiasm at this time of year for leading a better lifestyle and getting fit, you'll be planning just how you intend to do that. And some of us will even manage to [...]

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Measureable results

We’re a touchy feely bunch here at Carlton Kennedy and although we advocate measureable results and evidence based marketing decisions, this means stats do play a big part of our lives, (sorry but they are very helpful) and we couldn’t resist these massive insights. According to Google the number of people owning mobiles in the UK is now a whopping [...]

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Monkey mocha, Chimpy cappuccino anyone?

There’s always time for coffee and a chat, well a quick chat anyway. We made it, the new website is now rebranded, refreshed, responsive and ready for action. We hope you like the new services on offer and we can’t wait to work with those needing our services to help them grow their businesses even more.

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