Measureable results

//Measureable results

Measureable results

We’re a touchy feely bunch here at Carlton Kennedy and although we advocate measureable results and evidence based marketing decisions, this means stats do play a big part of our lives, (sorry but they are very helpful) and we couldn’t resist these massive insights.

According to Google the number of people owning mobiles in the UK is now a whopping 86%! Smartphone users have more than doubled in the last three years.

So if you haven’t joined the revolution yet, you really are missing out. As a business you really shouldn’t be delaying addressing the updating your website conundrum any longer, as one in three UK online sales are made on a mobile or tablet.

So responsive, mobile optimised, paid for search; if you are not familiar with these terms fully but want to work with a company who can make embracing them easy and assist you in implementing them in to your business offering we welcome your call.

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